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Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious is notorious for its ridiculously tasty bagels, which balance perfect doughiness with a variety of incredible creations that provide satisfaction. Adding antipodean flare to a New York staple was part of Greg Cornes vision for the Goodness Gracious concept, partnering authentic bagels with perfect espresso based coffee.

A must try is the Bon Bon, a silky shot of espresso over a layer of condensed milk. The kranksy and burger bagels could have any American fooled that they’re actually in New York. But this is New Zealand and the fresh local ingredients and craftsmanship of the chefs are what makes this an institution.

Come try one for yourself, or if you’re a regular Goodness Gracious lover, come experience your favourite bagels at Goodside.

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Opening hours

Monday – Friday 7:30am – 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)
Saturday 8am – 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm)
Sunday 8am – 3pm (kitchen closes at 2pm)


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