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About Us

Welcome to Goodside; an exquisite collection of Auckland’s finest boutique food and beverage artisans, housed in a relaxed, leafy venue making it one of Auckland’s most delectable dining destinations.

Goodside has it all – a delicious deli that is a food lovers haven, bagels that will make you say ‘goodness’, Asian fusion delivering Thai infused exoticness, sushi that are tasty works of art, a craft brew house for beer aficionados, a modern European restaurant & bar offering a relaxed and welcoming environment and a modern burger concept catering to your cravings by serving great burgers, sides and shakes – fast.

Goodside is a melting pot of food and beverage culture set in an environment that’s home to live music, DJ’s, pop-up eateries, outdoor fireplaces, greenhouses, private dining areas and carefully crafted events that bring new energy to Auckland’s dining scene

We hope to see you at the Goodside for good flavours, good music and good vibes.